"Once you have kids, all your travels are over. It's just too hard to travel with them." That's what we were told time and time again.  We're the Leen family, and we created this blog for those parents who, like us, demanded to demolish the status quo. 

We live in New York City, and since we met in 2006, our love for travel grew just as our romance did. Over the years, we've accumulated many miles and memories, and travel has become a big part of our individuality and relationship. After our daughter, Karina Kennedy, was born on October 1, 2015, we promised each other we would do our hardest to keep our wanderlust alive, even with baby. And while we do agree that it is hard (sometimes very hard) to travel with baby, if you follow certain shortcuts and best practices, it's really doable, and very, very fun.  Our hope is that this outlet for us can be helpful for you, so that you can share your love of travel with your expanding family, and create many memories that will last a lifetime.


Michael, AnaLiza and Karina

To get in contact, email heyjetsetbaby@gmail.com.